I'm a multimedia fine art practitioner working with various media and techniques to create powerful images that focus on things that trigger my imagination. Cities, animals, nature, and people are all sources of inspiration for my art. I graduated from London Guildhall University (now London Metropolitan University) in London England with a diploma in Art and Design and continued my studies later on to acquire a Postgraduate diploma in Digital Imaging and Animation. Creating a layered and collaged digital imagery that expresses the complexities of modern life I try to incorporate textures and color and bring a sense of mystery into the work. The pages in my website express my current and ongoing interests, reflections, flowers, black and white photography and my recent exhibition entitled Animal Kingdom or Noah’s Ark-A Modern Take on a beautiful Biblical Story. I enjoy collaborative projects and am open to any interesting ideas. My images are for sale and can be printed in all sizes on the finest art paper or on high quality photographic paper.

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