Yayoi Kusama-the Priestess of Polka Dots / by Osnat Lippa

As promised I was going to report about my experience going to see the Yayoi Kusama's exhibition in the AGO last week Infinity Mirror Rooms. It was certainly a unique experience one that people cue up for hours all around the world to experience sometime (as in the case of the AGO) no more than twenty seconds being in one Infinity Mirror room. Frustrating as it might be there were some mediating factors especially for single visitors. I was allowed to jump the cue as visitors have to be paired or put in groups of threes to see each of the rooms. That was lucky and allowed me enough time  to see some of the rooms more than once. It's an interesting experience which taps into the intention behind Kusama's works, especially the Infinity Mirror rooms. By being paired with strangers and then inside the room itself and by being reflected endlessly with those strangers a unique chain effect is created one that explains the abstract phenomena of Infinity that the artist is creating in those works. The myriad reflections and selfies that are later splashed all over the internet are what defines this experience in exactly the way that Kusama has intended. The fact that she conceived of this idea long before the age of the selfie and social media have become so endemic in our culture is a tribute to the originality and imagination of  her  prophetic art.